Slugs For Tea

Today we had a slug come for tea, Which isn’t as disgusting as you think it might be. He didn’t complain about the veg or the seasoning, Or who had which plate, cup or seat to sit in. He chewed every mouthful with great consideration, Savouring the flavour with much contemplation. He didn’t pull face or…

Finding Balance

Our lifestyle is comfortable, not fancy or plush and we are happy and contented with our lot but lately, it carries more stress than it used to. It’s not that I dislike work (it can feel like a break from the kids) it’s just that the balance doesn’t feel quite right.

Fishing For Rabbits

This weekend we packed the car with clothes, kids and the dogs and embarked on an 8-hour drive to North Yorkshire.  It wasn’t complete madness, just a fleeting visit to catch up with family and a chance to experience some wonderful things along the way. A long drive with 2 kids and 2 dogs is daunting…

Reflections By The Sea

There’s nothing quite like the calming nature of the sea.  The beach stretches out before me, the sand warm and tinted golden by the sun.  A passing man sighs ‘This is the life’ and I silently agree. The sounds and chaos of the day are muffled into a calming rhythm of leashes knocking against boards…

Some time for me and my mind.

I had planned to go bra shopping whilst the boy had his mountain bike coaching. The hustle and bustle of the city, brightly lit, overfilled, chaotic shops with too much choice is not really my thing.

The Power of Hope

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Festival of Hope at the Eden Project. The festival is a sustainability event but the message I came away with was that with hope, anything can be achieved. There were some empowering stories of hope that i would like to share.

Welcome Aboard My Crazy Thought Train

I’ve had one of those strange weeks where one weird train of thought roll’s into the next, leaving my head feeling a little bit crazy.  It all started out with a discussion about the housing crisis and possible solutions.  I was looking at some sketches of a housing estate and how it had been cleverly…

A Perfect Weekend Away With The Kids….

The time has come, I abandon the car in a nearby village, meet with the Rock, kids and the dog then set off to Cornwall for a family weekend (celebrating the Rock’s 40th) in a hotel by the sea. Just the respite that everyone is due. A pub meal, hot chocolate and glass of wine in bed with a movie, a relaxing bath, followed by a good nights sleep. Awoken by the crashing waves and breakfast in bed we set out for some great waves and family frolics.